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Smart SEO Book is created by Moqaddar khan salgary. In this Book you will all about SEO. When I created my website that I was not know about SEO. I lost a lot time to understand SEO Bitter. But know I am one of the greatest SEO Expert. I write this book especially for newbie bloggers. Because they don’t know about SEO very well. With the help of this book you will understand Completely SEO in just a few hours. Smart SEO Book is only 50 pages. This Book explains you how you will do SEO.
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Topic Of The Smart SEO Book

  • What is SEO?
  • How SEO Work?
  • What Is SEO Copywrite?
  • What Is SEO Rank?
  • SEO Verifying Website?
  • Submit URL To Webmaster Tools ?
  • SEO Tactics & Method steps?
  • SEO Relevant Filenames?
  • SEO Design & Layout?       
  • SEO Optimized Keywords?
  • SEO Optimized Meta tags?
  • SEO Url Creating Building?
  • What Is On-Page and Off-Page SEO?
  • What Is White Hat SEO & Black Hat SEO?
  • SEO Miscellaneous Techniques?
  • How to Hire SEO Expert?
  • SEO Website Domain?
  • SEO Title Optimization?
  • SEO Content Come First?

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    About Author And The Book
    Moqaddar Khan Salgary has written and Posted or published over 10 billion words during his blogging careers.

    Asalam-mu-alikum brothers and sisters. Hello Readers, I am Moqaddar khan salgary founder of Blogger Hints. Here I write about Blogging, SEO, WordPress and Make Money Online for over 70,000 monthly readers. I am all know about SEO building backlining. It’s not easy to build backlink. When I started new blogging this was very tough for me to create back link and ready my blogger or website for SEO. For to day I am one of great SEO Expert in Pakistan. Many newbie bloggers don’t know about SEO. I explain all in this book. As I waste a lot of mine time. If you don’t want to waist you time then Get Smart SEO Book and Understand Very well About SEO.
    Smart SEO Book question and answer like that?

    How you can do to create your blog's backlink profile?
    How to make your blogger or website to get high rank ?
    How to Get Fluent Traffic From search engines in a few day’s ?
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