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WordPress SEO Tips And Tricks Tutorial For Beginners

WordPress SEO Tips
WordPress SEO In this tutorial here you will find best ever trust able understand able and easy WordPress SEO Tips and Trick tutorial for Beginners. Pick it and make your post complete SEO Friendly.

Now Let's Start :WordPress SEO Tips And Tricks Tutorial

In this post i will show you the Basic WordPress SEO Tips And Tricks Tutorial. WordPress is one of the largest and most using Hosting platform on the internet. Mostly people using this plate form. Because WordPress is very easy plate form. As I told you many times in our post Google upgrade his search engine day by day.

 It’s mean Google upgrade his SEO system. In blogger platform you must need to update himself from Google upgrading to upgrade your blog also. In WordPress you no need to upgrade any thing. WordPress automatically updating. That’s way mostly peoples choosing WordPress platform for his blog. Blogger is free platform and WordPress is premium platform. For buying WordPress platform you will need to contact with web hosting providing companies and choose the plan according to your need. Now this post is about SEO in word Press. A lot of WordPress SEO plug-in lunch but mostly yoast plugin is using for SEO.
Yoast Plugin
This plug-in will help you to make your blog perfect for SEO. I mean this plug-in will make your blogger complete SEO friendly. In generation you can see everything complicated a lot of people working on blog. Such people doing affiliate marking some people creating blogs for make money online and some people creating blog for his own uses or business development. I will show you how to make you WordPress blog complete SEO Friendly. I hope you will complete read about what is SEO? SEO if a blog is SEO friendly this blog can easily hold rank in search engine. I mean search engines can easily find this blog. SEO is procedure. When search engine searching blog for getting result. the search engines doing this process on a line. Like when search engines try to find queries for his users. First search engines try to find keyword in web page title then URL or link and the last option in the description. Now if you make SEO friendly titles description and links but the search engine couldn’t find it. Then it is not comfortable. After making SEO titles description and links now show it to search engines. If you want to make it easy for himself then only install Yoast Plugin this plugin will automatically doing all necessary SEO in your blog. But in the blogger you will need to add some tags to help search engines.

Follow these steps to make you WordPress complete SEO Friendly.

  • First of all Login to your WordPress Dashboard.
  • Then Go to Plug-in>Now find Yoast SEO Plug-in.
  • After finding Yoast plug-in. Here is a green button Activate.
  • Click on install or activate the plug-in in your WordPress platform. Now you did.
  • After installation of yoast plugin and you can publish your posts. Below I am going to show you how can you make SEO friendly Posts in WordPress? Here is an option due to it you can make your images search able. I mean adding ALT Attribute or Alt Text. Now your images, photos or also optimized. But How you can do that Follow Below Procedure.
  • Go to Post>New.
Post will open here is some option for WordPress SEO Tips. Fill it with require data. But how I will teach you.

Remember first Activate Yoast plugin then the below option which i have explained you these will appear. If you didn't activate or install Yoast plugin then the below option will not appearing in your post. Must Install it First for all life. No need to Install it again. Just only one time it will automatically updating online with yoast data base. Mostly people using this Plugin for SEO. This is the perfect and trust able plugin in WordPress for SEO. This plugin is life time free.
Yoast SEO Improve your WordPress SEO : Write Better Content and have a fully optimized WordPress site using Yoast SEO Plugin.
    Activate Yoast plugin

    Post Title

    Now first of you need a Page title. Because title is know as the head of paragraph. Choose a perfect Title for your webpage. Type here your web page title. This title is only for your webpage not belonging to SEO. I mean this you can make as long as you want. Because for SEO another Title is using which is given below.
    post title
    After giving your webpage Title now start your text typing after completing your posts. Now use your keyword some special places which is very important for SEO. But before that i am going to give some hints for writing SEO post. Remember your post must be minimum 350 character long. and use your keyword up to 2.5% in the post. Don't use your keyword everywhere in your post. If you are using your keyword in unnecessary places it's mean your cheating search engines. Don't do that may be search engine penalized you.
    Before completing SEO setting in your post some option at right side bar and bottom  will show you. That Your post is ready or not for SEO. Now if your post is not ready then your option will shown like that which is given below.
    WordPress SEO
    WordPress SEO

    OK use your keyword in these place Which is given below. Search engines only search these places in webpage for getting result.
    Now Click on Edit Snippet .

    SEO Title : As i told you upper. Upper one is Page Title and this one is SEO title. Make it according to SEO rules. SEO Title is one of the most important part of your post. Title plays main role in SEO factors on your blog or website. If you want to take or hold high rank in search engines then you need to make your title most responsive and SEO. In this step I will show you that how can you make a good and SEO title for your page? First keep in your mind. Your title must be 50 up 60 characters long. And use your keyword in the starting in your SEO title. You can also choose your title from many tools. Such as Google Trends, Google Adwords ,Webtextool etc…. WordPress SEO tips # 1

    Slug: Here you will create custom Url or Link for you post. Remember your link must be contain on your post keyword and don't use any stop words in your post link. Like a , in ,the, how,who etc. And also don't use any numbers or hyphens in your post urls always make it sweet and SEO friendly. WordPress SEO tips # 4
    Like: If your Keywords is Onpage SEO techniques for Blogger
      Sample of making SEO Urls Structure: Good Ugly 
    Becasue the stop word is found in Ugly url.
    Meta Descriptions: Most of the people forget to include Meta descriptions for their posts or pages. Descriptions are also the most factors for on page SEO. Because when the search engines finding queries. They also try to find the result in description. As I told you many times in many post that Search engines first search keywords your Title then Your Post URL and the last In description. Search engine will never find your description till you help them to find your description. Always keep your description length only 100 up to 150 characters. Descriptions must be containing your keyword approximately one time I mean use your keyword one time in your page description. WordPress SEO tips #3

    Focused Keyword: Here past or type your keyword only. This is only for search engines. WordPress SEO tips #4

    SEO title SEO Slug and SEO Description

    Image Optimization:

    For make you images photos click on the image. A small menu will open now click on the pencil. Another page will open now type here
    Another page will open now type here your image description Alt Attribute i mean Alt Text and Click on Update. Now you image is completely ready for search engine search engine can easily find your images dring related result with your images or photos.
    In this page have some option some is must for SEO and Some not.
    Image Optimization
    Caption: Caption is the title which appear below the images or photos. Which is not important for SEO. No need to give any Caption because it have no role in SEO, If you want to give then you can give you this tile will appear below the photos.
    Alternative Text: This is also not important for SEO. It's mean title text for photo or image. if you want to give then use your keyword here.
    Display Setting: This setting is contain on some option which is Align and Link To.
    Align: Alignment mean this option will help to carry your photos or image to Left, Right or Center.
    Link To: Here you can past any link which you want to open by clicking this images.
    Now another option is Advance Option:
    Here is a option which is most important for SEO. 
    Image Title Attribute: It is Alt Attribute it's Alt Text. This option will make your images and photos search able. Always use your keyword in this box. After pasting or typing your keyword in this option search engines will diffidently  find your image in related result.

    After Completing these upper setting in your post. These option will appear Like that now you post is complete ready for SEO.
    Worpress seoSEO title SEO Slug and SEO Description

    Final Words !
    Thank you for following us if you face any problem in this post WordPress SEO Tips And Tricks Tutorial or another problem related with blogger .Then Contact us or comment us .We will solve your problem as soon as soon is possible. this is satisfied Website .From here you can get all hints tips and tricks for your blogger.
    Is this is tutorial is helpful ?
    Need to know your opinion .
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    Admin Moqaddar khan salgary

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    1. All these SEO tips are very useful for the beginners. Also, you explained examples with the images which is easy to understand. Thanks for Sharing!

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