Monday, 6 March 2017

Google Banned or Block Checker Procedure

Google Banned or Block Checker Procedure

Google Banned or Block Checker

Now Google Banned or Block Checker. Friends today’s topic how can you check your blog or website in search engines for block or unblock. I learn a simple trick. So I think to share it with my users. Due to that you can check your blog or website in many search engines block or unblock. As you know that in this generation mostly search engines is using for quires. Search engines not only give you the correct topics but also they are giving result most fast. Every search engines have made some policy. If you violate then they will block or terminate you website or blog. That’s way you cannot get the visitor form search engines. But if you don’t know about this task. Then don’t worry I have a trick I will teach you. You can check you site or blog easily in every search engines block or not.

NOW FOLLOW THESE STEP For Google Banned or Block Checker

  • First of all open you default browser.
  • Now if you want to check your blog or website in Google search engines. Then visit
  • And type Double dot 
  • :yourwebsite or and search it.
  • If your blog or website appear in search engine result like given below. 
  • Then your blog or website or completely fine. I mean you are protected form penalty this time.
  • This procedure is for every search engines.

Google Banned or Block Checker

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