Wednesday 8 March 2017

Google AdSense Labs - How to enable AdSense Labs for a website

Google Adsense Labs
Now today I am going to show you a new feature which Google adsense launched by name Google Adsense Labs.  As you know that Adsense is upgrading day by day. In this generation adsense is being largest Ad company on the internet. Now for Adsense publisher release another profitable new feature. Where you will find good and new and profitable features for your blog or website. You can create more engaging feature to increase your site revenue at the time by using this feature. Now I will discuss some important hints about Google Adsense Labs. This feature will work soon.

Google AdSense Launching new Labs – How to enable Adsense labs In Website or Blog

Google Adsense realse to appear or shown fewer and inline ads in this new labs. Adsense team tells that this lab is very suitable and useful for every type of blog and website. Remember this feature is not working surely yet. If you want to appear it your own risk then carry own. This feature can stop appearing your ads first check it if not appearing rightly. Then remove it. Adsense Team is now only checking this Feature after a month its work righty.

Follow these steps to enabled Google Adsense labs and Adding in blog or website.

  • To Activate Google Adsene New feature labs follows these steps.
  • Open your desire Google Adsense Panel Board.
  • Click on optimization.
  • Then again click on the new feature labs. This will appear in your optimization option.
  • You will find labs appearing on your Panel board click on to Enable Labs,
  • Now Click on Get code.
  • After copying the code. 
  • Go>> Theme or Template>Edit Html.
  • Click in code area and press Ctrl + F and Find </head> tag.
  • Past the desire code and place it Upper or after </head>
  • And finally Save the Template.
  • That's all Check it..

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