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How To Create A Blog In WordPress Step By Step Guide In 5 Min

Create a blog in WordPress
Create a blog in WordPress was by best decision I have made ever. After creating my own blog I feel like I have property online. I have tried many works. But I didn’t feel good. After a year I realize to create a blog in WordPress. This idea is very useful for me. Now I earn a lot of money from blog. I learn this process I mean create blog in WordPress in very large time. So I think to teach it to my user to get advantage form my skill. That’s way I made this tutorial. In this post I will give you all information with the help of screen shoot to create blog in WordPress in just a few steps. Just read this post and become a good blogger. As I told you many time about Earn money online. This is also very good sources of earn online too. Now I will show you how to create a WordPress blog in just 5 minutes. It very simple to make a WordPress blog. I will give some hints tips and tricks step by steps.

How To Create A Blog In WordPress Step By Step Guide In 5 Min Beginner's Guide.

Now let’s get start to create your first WordPress blog by following just a few steps.
  1.  Choose Your Hosting - Sign Up for Blue Host WordPress Hosting.
  2. Select your WordPress hosting package
  3.  Choose your domain name – This is the first step to make WordPress blog
  4. Create Your Hosting Account – Set up personal information, billing information
  5. Account activation – Log Into Your Blue host CPanel
  6. Install WordPress on Blue Host – One-click Install WordPress
  7. Start to Install WordPress
  8. Set up WordPress Installation Settings
  9. Log into WordPress Admin Area dashboard.

Step #1 Choose Your Hosting - Signup for Blue Host WordPress Hosting.

This is the first step when you create a blog in WordPress. Now i am going to give you some important hints. First step is choosing you hosting. Bluehost is providing many hosting plans. Which is contain on many package like limited and unlimited. First of all Open Bluehost Homepage By click on Green Button.
     By click on this button Blue host will give up 55% discount in web hosting and domain Buying. Click on the Green Button and get maximum discounts on every product of Bluehost.
Bluehost is changing his plans day by day. You can check it any time.
Choose Your Hosting

Step #2: Select your WordPress hosting package

After clicking on Get Start this is the second page of Blue Host. Here will you select hosting plan for your blogger
Choose hosting plan for your blog. Remember if you are only writing I mean your data are contain only on text and images then select plus web hosting plan. I recommend choosing it. Because this is enough for new blogger. After increasing your data you can extend your package. On this package you can host up to blogs.
From here you can get unlimited plans for your blogs to host unlimited WordPress blogs with unlimited Web hosting package. You can also share unlimited videos with your users or visitors. Blue Host Plus shared hosting plan is accurate for beginners.

Select your WordPress hosting package

Step #3: Choose your domain name – This is the first step to make WordPress blog

After choosing the hosting plan another steps to choose free custom domain name. This company provides you yearly free domain no charge will apply in the first year. Now choose the domain in .com which is worth $15.00. Type your domain name in the text able box to find availability of domain. If your domain is available then OK if not available then try another one. But only in .com.
Choose your domain name
Here are a few tips to choose a perfect domain.
Always try to find .com domain: I hope you will noticed that mostly people like .com domain to visit. And the people also trust on .com website. If you are creating blog in word press then you need a perfect and stylish domain. So I recommend choosing always .com domain name. You can target for your blog or website international country like America, UK, Canadian, U.A.E, Pakistan etc. You can target international by only getting TLD (Top Level Domain). 
Choose always sweet and short Domain name: Remember don’t use any extra fancy word to make it hard for users to spell word. Always choose simple short and remember-able. Here I am going to give some hints.
When I was choosing my blog domain. I try on many domain names but lastly I find this domain.
www.bloggerhints.com Good
www.bloggertipstricks.com Bad
www.bloggerhintsandtips.com Ugly
www.blogger hints and tips.com Ugly.

So I mean choose meaning able remember-able understand able and short spell words domain.
Choose Related Domain Name with your blog: If you want to create or build a Blog in WordPress for Business sake. Then you must need to include your business name in your domain name. For example Yourbusinessblog.com.
Find a High Ranked Keyword rich Keyword for targeting a specific traffic: This is the most import part in this tutorial. Because mostly the people choose low ranked keyword for domain. Which is not taking any ranked in search engines? You can find rich keyword on many tools like Google adwords, Webtext tool etc. Remember this mistake is doing mostly new blogger. Don’t use any stuff words in your domain. Like a, and, the, who, how, this, on, in. Don’t use these words. The search engine never search stop words. Always choose a perfect meaningful sweet remember able rich keyword in your blogger domain.
Don’t use any numbers in the domain: I noticed this newbie bloggers contain number with theirs domain names. As I told you many time in upper paragraph. Choose meaningful sweet and easy domain for blog. Like 
Www-blogger-hints.com? Wrong
www.bloggerhints.com Right 
Don’t use any hyphens underscore or any symbols in your domain name.

If you are picking difficulty while selecting domain name.  You can use your name as a domain name . If you are creating building personal blog. Then you need to use your name as a domain name like Moqaddarkhan.com or sikandarkhan.com.
After completing I mean choosing perfect domain for your blog. Now  move on to next step. Which is

Step #4: Create Your Hosting Account – Set up personal information, billing information

Account information: Here is some personal information require. Fill this form with your original information. Like your name, Email and phone number should be real ones. Type here your original email address. Because the Blue Host will send you a verification link on email.
Account information
Package Information: Now in  page two you can select package plan you would like to choose personally. If you want to choose yearly plan or for two for more years. You can choose. If you choose 36 months billing circle you can save up $218.00. which is up 56 % cut off total) and you will never worrying about rebilling. Blue host offer value added services or extra features such as site lock security , site backup pro and search engine jump start.
Package Plan

Payment Information : Here you will pay for chooses plan. You can pay trough many sources to BlueHost. You can buy Bluehost web hosting though many banking card system. Like if you have credit or debit cards. Bluehost support every type balance card credit card and debit card. You can pay easily. Now Move to another step.
Payment Information

Step #5: Account activation – Log Into Your Blue host CPanel

After completing Account information and payment information. Blue host will send you a verification link. Open Your gmail inbox. And check it open the mail which is send to you Blue Host. This mail will contain a link and your payment detail. Verified your account.
Account activation

As I told you in upper paragraph verified you email address. This mail will include different information such as Log in credentials to Blue Host Cpanel. ( Create A Blog In WordPress )
Cpanel is the dashboard of your web hosting account. Cpanel is not too much difficult in using. It very easy it has been made to easy web hosting arrangements to set up forums websites and social websites etc...
Once you click on the link which blue host sends you through email. You will jump to a Blue Host login page. Here you can login you ID.

Simply you can also Login to your blue host cpanel just click here and click on Login button at the Right side. Click on Hosting login and type you domain or email and password and click submit.

Step #6: Install WordPress on Blue Host – One-click Install WordPress

When you visit your BlueHost dashboard some promotion pages will appear. You will receive some notification massage some will welcome massages some will be promotion like give below in photo.
If you want to purchase $100 or $99 you can purchase the service by clicking on the Buy Now button.
Now Scroll down and click and WordPress icon. After clicking WordPress icon a new page will open.

This page will open now Click on Get Started to install WordPress Web hosting .

In next page you will be asked to choose the Blog domain that you want to install WordPress and Choose the desire domain  from the drop down munue.
Here is some option which require you personal information.
Blog Title: Type here your blog title to know it in bluehost cpanel. This is not important you can give any title like if you want to give your name then no matter but if you want to host more blog. Then you need to type blog domain name. This will help you to understand it easily. Another is SEO Blog Title Which you will give it to your Dashboard.
Admin Username : Here type you name or any name you  want to type. But remember this username will help you in Login i mean when you want to login you WordPress dashboard or Bluehost Cpanel the username you will use to sign in. Type or past remember-able name.
Admin Password : This is the most important step. Because mostly newbie bloggers choose very weak password which can be hack very easily. That's way mostly people hack very easily. Always use tough password for sign in WordPress dashboard and BlueHost Cpanel.  
Hints to Choose Strong password.
Always use some #@$%^&*( these symblos in your passwords.
Like Moqaddar@#khan&90, Yourname@#$789 some like that.
After completing the blank filling click on Install.
past you blog title here
little wait installation completing
Installation COmplete Wordpress

Step #9: Log into WordPress Admin Area dashboard.

Now you are completing installation of wordpress. After completing upper process open your default broswer and type your Website like www.yourblog.com/wp-admin. After visiting this this page will open. Here type or past your WordPress user name or Email and Password and Click on Log In.

After clicking on Login this page will open. This your dashboard. From here you can do setting posting etc. You can control your website every thing.  (Create A Blog In WordPress)

Creating Post In WordPress SEO ready.

NOw i will teach you how can you do SEO Friendly Posts in WordPress after completing Create A Blog In WordPress.
First Login your WordPress dashboard.
Now click on Post >> Add New.
Now a page will open here you can write , upload and publish.

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Final Words :
If you face any problem while create a blog in WordPress then you can contact us we will make more easy for you by posting a simple post. This post is very easy and understand able because I explain it with the help of screen shoot. I hope that is more easy from other,s sites. Friends this process is for every web-hosting providers company. I explain here only BlueHosts. You can choose many company for Picking WebHosting. If you are in Pakistan then you can choose HosterPk. Another world largest company Godaddy.com. If you found any mistake in this post then comment us.
Thank you for following us if you face any problem in this post Create A Blog In WordPress or another problem related with blogger .Then Contact us or comment us .We will solve your problem as soon as soon is possible. this is satisfied Website .From here you can get all hints tips and tricks for your blogger.
Is this is tutorial is helpful ?
Need to know your opinion .
For Advertising Contact Us.
Admin Moqaddar khan salgary

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