Saturday 11 February 2017

Earn Money Zhakkas Ad Network Review

Zhakkas Ad Network Review

Zhakkas Ad Network Review is one of the largest new ad company on the internet. Now a lot bloggers make money with zhakkas ad network. This company is as like adsense , bidvertise , infolink. You can make a lot money with this company. Friend according to this company you have need only a website and some minimum visitor. In this generation every thing like shopping is bing online. The people really need it. If any one want to advertise. Then they have given only zhakkas and adsense ad company.
This is a new Ads Server Company. Zhakkas is the partner of all Ads network companies,
Like Google Ad sense, bidvertiser, double click info link and many more partners on internet.
Zhakkas Ads is based on cpc and cpm networks. According to alexa this is the top 10 position in Ads networks. And will improve for both publisher and advertisers.

Zhakkas Partner

Zhakkas Partner

Ads Type:

Zhakkas Ads type is CPM and CPC so you can check zahkkas it is very good. Because CPM rates they are also paying.

Minimum Payout:

Zahkkas minimum threshold is jus 40 dollars and they can pay very easy. Through many money transferring system. Like paynoor, PayPal etc...

Payment Method:

Zhakkas can pay through much money transferring system like
Alert pay
Wire check
PayPal etc...
Payment Method:

 Zhakkas Ad Network Scam Or Not:

I have asked for many people who are using this Ad network and the people say about it that. Zhakkas is not scam but now I am not using this network. That’s way I haven’t any proof.

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