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16 Great On Page SEO Techniques /SEO Onpage Optimization

16 Great On Page SEO Techniques /SEO Onpage Optimization

On Page SEO Techniques
Friend as you know that i have working form many months on SEO. But now i noticed a lot of newbie even expert bloggers don't know about on page seo techniques. But in this post i will completely show and teach you on page seo techniques. Remember friends you must read and follow complete post. After that you will bitter understand. Now Let's start.
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Use SEO-Friendly URLs/Link 

On Page SEO Techniques #1Friends this is the first and most important part of your post .Make your post link or Url short and sweet. Keep your Url maximum 3 up 5 words. Google gives more weight to short and sweet Url or Link :
Avoid Ugly Links :
Or Long Urls:

Now follow our suggestion to make right this problem.

A lot of newbie blogger revising this problem again and again. They don’t what is the role of url or link in rank. Remember when the search engine searching quires. They first search post link for result. That way I keep this step on # 1 to understand it first on. In blogger, wordpress or any platform. Always make your Url short by custom permalink. And include your keyword also in your link. Don’t use stop words in Urls.
Like a, and, the, how, who, of…etc.

Examples to Make Responsive SEO Urls :

Use SEO-Friendly URLs/Link

  • www.bloggerhints/how-to-add-related-posts-widget-to-blog.html
Use SEO-Friendly URLs/Link

Start Title with Keyword

The second step of your post is always plays more important role in your blogger or website rank. If your posts titles is SEO then you can get more traffic and high rank. Because during searching search engines also searching post title for result.
In general word, Always use your keyword in the beginning of title tag. More weight it has in search engines. And always keep your title length up 65 characters. Don’t use lengthy title. Most of search engines only search up to 70 characters. I recommend keeping your title length only 60 characters. Select most perfect title for your post.
Start Title with Keyword

 Add Modifiers To Your Title

Using Modifier like "2017" best guide and review can help you in the rank for long tail keyword.First search keyword in the search engine and pick the SEO long tail title for related searches.
But if this question is in your mind that how can find organic SEO keyword. Then Click here.

Wrap Your Blog Post Title in an H1 Tag

This is most important part of your blog or website . The h1 tag is your headline tag. Keep your all heading h2 without post heading. Because the search engines only search h1 heading .If your heading is ready for SEO then the search engine will easily find quarries in your blog. But if your blog or website heading is not ready for SEO. Then make it by click here. But some templates override this setting. Check your website or blog code to make sure your heading gets the h1 like it deserves.
Wrap Your Blog Post Title in an H1 Tag

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Dazzle with Multimedia

Now step # 5. Text can only take your post so far. Add some images video and diagrams will reduce bounce rate and increase ton on your website. If you write 100 % write and seo text but they will not take any interests. Add images is also play very important in rank.
Remember when you publish your post. Your dived on many parts in search engines data base. Text separate index and images separate index. when search engines searching quarries they are also images. So make your image or photos SEO.

Dazzle with Multimedia

Wrap Subheadings in H2 Tags

As I told many time in many last post make you post complete SEO. But now I will also show another on page seo technique. and the drop your keyword also in h2 I mean in subheading.

Drop Targeted Keyword in First 50-100 Words (on page seo technique # 7 )

Now in this step I will tell where can use your keyword. According to this your keyword must be appear in first 50-100 words in your post. I mean use your target keyword in first 50 up 100 words. But if you use the keyword in bold. That’s also good and gives you good rank in search engines.

Drop Target keyword here in post.

Use your keyword in Post title.
Use your keyword in heading .
Use your keyword in subheading.
Use your keyword in Minor heading.
Use your keyword in Bold tag (keywords in seo only one time.
Use your keyword in italic tag ( keywords in seo only one time.
Use your keyword in Post Link (permalink) .
Use your keyword in Image Alt text.
Use your key word in Description.
Use your keyword under the post up 1.5 percent.
Total keyword density is only 2.5 percent in all post. Don't use your keyword everywhere use the keyword there where they need it.
Drop Target keyword here in post.

Use Responsive Design

Make your template seo friendly and mobile friendly. Google start to penalize un mobile friendly site in 2015.And they are remove those like these mobile unfriendly in the future.if you want to make your site mobile friendly and SEO friendly.
Follow these steps to make your site mobile friendly.
  • Upload a mobile friendly and responsive template. 
  • Set you heading. 
  • And make it responsive.

 Use Internal Links

Use internal links in your post up to 2 or 3 in every post. Due to that you will get more page views. Use related link but in organic and high quality keyword.

Make Your Images SEO

Another on page seo techniques. I have you told you in last post always upload related images in your post because the search engines trying to give his reader well post to impress it that way . To make your photos search-able for then help search engine to find your image . just click on image which you upload in your post and click on properties and add
Title Text.
ALT text.

If you upload your images and you have not gave any ALT text then the search will never search you images .must add ALT text.Make your images searchable

And click on OK .Now you images is completely ready for SEO.

Use Social Sharing widget

why the social network widget is necessary for your blogger. As I told you in my last post (Promote Your Website Free) about advantage of social network .Every blogger want to drive people form search engines. But first show your blog/site to people .what actually is this .I mean your blog/site. If you want to get more visitor then you must need to add this social network widget to your blogger .the widget will help you. and this widget will show your blog to people. I mean when you share you blog/site posts the people will visit and followed you. In this widget I add all social network .Not only that for following this widget will make your blogger most attractive and responsive.Don't be shy..!
 On Page SEO Techniques

Add these Social Share widget button to your website.

    You can easily check your site’s loading speed using the excellent

use outbound links

Final Words !

Thank you for following us if you face any problem in this post Submit URLs To Bing or another problem related with blogger .Then Contact us or comment us .We will solve your problem as soon as soon is possible. this is satisfied Website .From here you can get all hints tips and tricks for your blogger.
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