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How To Submit URLs To Bing Search engines Step By Step Guide

How To Submit URLs To Bing  Search engines Step By Step Guide 

 Submit URLs To Bing
To day topic is how to submit urls to bing. As you know that in this generation mostly search engines is using for quires. A lot of friends submit his website only to Google. As in this post I am going to show you another search engine which is also mostly using on the internet. Which is Being. This search engine can also give you most visitors. According to alexa being is # 2 search engine on the internet. After Google you can try to find your quires in this search engine. Now I will show a simple procedure that how can you submit your blog/website to being. After submitting your website or blog to being search engine.

Then no need to submit your website or blog to yahoo. Because when you submit your blog or website to being. Your website or blog will automatically submit to yahoo search engine.

Now follow these steps To Submit URLs To Bing or Yahoo Search engines.

  •  First of all visits being webmaster tool by click on being master tool.
  •  Now click on sing in 
  • If you have not created being account yet.
  • Then click on created by one .And fill the require form
  • Your first.last name.your date of birth ,your email address,create a password etc..
  •  After filling this form click on create account.
  • Now check your email inbox which email you give in the form.
  • The search engine was sent you a verification mail.
  • Now click on link which is given in the email.
  • A new page will open by click on the verification link.
  • Now your account is ready for submitting your website or blog.
  • Click on Add a site.
  • Now past or type your site like ( And click on add button.
  •  The search will give you a verification Meta tag.
  •  Add this tag in your blogger template below from <head> tag. Remember don’t remove the tag this tag is for life time. The robot will check this tag every time. This tag will verified you ownership with your blog or website.
  •  And click on verified button
  •  Now your being master tool dashboard will open
  • Add a sitemap like (http//
  •  Now you are done Being search engine will start adding your data in his data bases. I mean search engine will start indexing your data in his data base.

Precedure with the help of screen shoot Submit URLs To Bing or Yahoo Search engines .

Step # 1 
fill this form to create your account in being search engines .In Email ID blank .Type your Gmail or Yahoo etc.. ID.
                                         Submit URLs To Bing

After creating and verify your ID this page will open 

type or paste your blog or website here
And Add a sitemap
 Submit URLs To Bing

When you click on ADD this page will. Here is a Meta tag .Copy it and 

  • Login your blogger dashboard 
  • GO>>Template>Edit Html
  • Now code area will open Press Ctrl + F and find this tag <head>
  • And past this Meta tag below/After this <head> Tag
  • And Save Template 
  • And Click verify in the being webmaster tool.
 Submit URLs To Bing

After verifying this Dashboard will open.Now you can check your Submit and index URLS.
 Submit URLs To Bing

Final Words !

Thank you for following us if you face any problem in this post  Submit URLs To Bing or another problem related with blogger .Then Contact us or comment us .We will solve your problem as soon as soon is possible. this is satisfied Website .From here you can get all hints tips and tricks for your blogger.
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