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How To Setup Google Page Level Ads In Blogger?

How To Setup Google Page Level Ads In Blogger?

 Google Page Level Ads

Today topic how can you set Google page level ads. Adsense is largest Ad company in the world .Adsense is the partner of Google. A lot of people is earning a lot of money from Adsense .If your account is approval then i am going to give you a tag .if you want to show your ad under the post then you must need this tag .Because if you add Ad in your posts one by one then you will need a lot time .But when your past this code in your blogger template then your ad will automatically showing in every the post. No need to add any code. Only add a break where you want to show your Adsense Ad in the post.

Step # 1

Follow these steps to add this tag in your blogger template.

  • First of all open your blogger Dashboard
  • Go>>Template >click on
  • Then Click>>Edit HTML
  • After Clicking on the “Edit HTML” a page will open that will template code area.
  • Click anywhere in Code area
  • And Press Ctrl+ F from your keyboard a little search box will open .
  • Now Find this <head> tag in your template
  • When you find them then copy the below code and past below/after this <head> tag .

Copy this code first of Google Page Level Ads

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "item"'>

<script src='' type='text/javascript'></script>

<div style="display: none; float:center;">
<div id="MBL-Ads">
<script type='text/javascript'>

<script src='' type='text/javascript'></script>



Step # 2

  • Now open your Adsense dashboard or click here.
  • Now Click on Get code 
  • A small page will open copy the code and page the code above from <head> tag
  • But remember this tag will not saving until you change this tag ''script 'async' = src ''
  • Now after editing this tag click on Save Template
Setup Google Page Level Ads

Customization In Google Page Level Ads in Blogger.

You must add your publisher ID by replacing this tag :
And Ad Code by replacing : 123456789

Last words..!

Thank you for following us if you face any problem in this post Setup Google Page Level Ads or another problem related with blogger .Then Contact us or comment us .We will solve your problem as soon as soon is possible. This is satisfied Website .From here you can get all hints tips tricks ,widgets, template and SEO Setting for your blogger.

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