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How to Edit or Create .htaccess file?

How to Edit or Create .htaccess file?

How to Edit or Create .htaccess file

Now friends Today i am going to solve the most important problem in your blogger and increase your blogger speed.Blog doesn't allow page caching.The blog isn't configured to allow page cache. Cache mean the collection of item or data of the same kind store in a hidden or inaccessible space. You can redirect in google blogger/blogspot. Only google give this service. A lot hidden file Robot are indexing. when search engines show it in result the people want to open but the page is not opining because here is 404 and 301 error occur. In this post i will give some hints and codes to fix this problem. This is very great problem. Must fix it. because this can effect your rank.

How To Edit or Create .htaccess File?

Yes, Google Blogger does not offer you to edit .htaccess file but they just released an option to use Custom 301 Redirects. From this features, you can do what you want. Just follow the below step to use this features.
Google blog doesn't offer you to edit .htaccess file in blogger or blogspot. But they just released a option in blogger dashboard which is Custom 301 Redirect option. You can use it for 301 custom error.  From this option you can do what you really want. Now i will show you the simplest procedure.

Follow it to Redirect 301 Error To Google 

  • First of all open your blogger dashboard.
  • Go >>Setting >Search preferences.
  • Click "Edit" On Custom Redirects ? no items Edit
  • Now Add Your Desired Old Post URL In "From" Input Section And Your URL Should Be Like /YEAR/MONTH/POST-TITLE.html
  • Now Add Your Desired New Post URL or Link In "To" Input Section And Your URL Should Be Like /YEAR/MONTH/POST-TITLE.html
  • Check "Permanent" Option.
  • Click "Save".
  • Then Click "Save Changes".

I have addend a screen shoot image find this option and do what i say upper in steps. Thank you.

How To Edit .htaccess File?

Now Procedure # 2 to .htaccess-Use 301 Redirect In Google Blogger/Blogspot

  • First of all open your desire blogger dashboard.
  • Now Go >> Setting>Search preference.
  • After click a new page will open.
  • Click front option of Custom Page was Not Found.
  • and paste any one code and save it.
  • Now you did it..!
Enter a Tags similar to the following to redirect your old blog or pages to your new blog:

var url = location.href;
var newurl = url.replace('','');
location.href = newurl;

 <IfModule mod_expires.c>
# Enable expirations
ExpiresActive On
ExpiresByType text/html "access plus 2 days"

Final Words !
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