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How To Create A Blog On Blogspot

How To Create A Blog On Blogspot 

How To Create A Blog On Blogspot
Friends To day i m carrying for very important Tutorial in this tutorial you can How To Create A Blog On Blogspot . No need to pay any money just follow our steps and build it.come on friends this tutorial is for every one not only for qualified but also for unqualified people . just follow us.
Today I m going to do a short and understand able tutorial on to Learn How To Build a Website For Free.
Ok friends let’s start as you know that a lot of people touching peak point due to its website. because they earning a lot of money from his website .That’s way I am carrying for you to make a free website’s will show some Basic tips just follow it and make yourself admin of a website .after making website you can earn I mean you can make money also .

How to create a blog on blogspot in 5 Min

For making free website no need any type qualification. only you need some I.T skill I mean little experience in computer. If you have not any experience in computer then don’t worry . open your computer From the shut up /down button just simple .Connect the computer with internet and open your default browser like Chrome,Firefox ,Internet Explore ,Opera .Just open it and Follow our step which I m going to tell you .But first I will tell about properties of Free website .That how can they work and how Did the people get successful . Friends if you have some skill then you must need a website and share it with people .Not only you sharing your skill But also you are being Famous yourself . And you can earn a lot money from it. I will teach it step by step .But how can you earn Money from your website after making them . A lot of people sharing videos and tutorials about to make money Online .But no one follow them and his videos and tutorial is not trust able . But i m going to show you 100 % result. I m going to teach you trust able procedure to making money online and getting a free web site.

Requirement for creating a blog or blogspot.

For free web site you need a Google ID I mean Gmail ID .If you have not then make it. If you could not make it .Then I m showing in the screen shoot below just watches the photos and follow them.
after filling this form click  on next step a page will open read Google policy and click on ''Accept ''.After that a massage will come your from some unknown number .The will Include a code that is conformation code .Give it to the confirmation space and click on ''Verify'' Now you Gmail ID is ready .But remember use your own mobile number in the Mobile phone blank which is given Google sing up Form,
How to creat gmail id

When you Get the Gmail ID . save it now I m going to teach some basic step of making website.

Basic Steps create a blog on blogspot

Now I am showing you how you follow these steps.
Visit Blogger this Link ( ) after visiting the site a page will open in front of you Like given below in photo.
Learn How To Build a Website For Free
Now Click on Sign in option and type your Gmail ID and starting your website but Remember you must need Gmail ID like( ) .If you haven’t then you can’t make the Website. After login a page will open like that here you can select you domain name your website title .For example you want to make website on Civil Technology then you can select like that '''' .during typing your domain name (your website name) the Blogger will tell you that is available or not available. Like below in photo
Learn How To Build a Website For Free
 when you found your website name .click on continue .
 create a blog on blogspot

Now your Dashboard will open 
( Click here to know that how can you use Blogger Dashboard )

Learn How To Build a Website For Free
 do some changes in your website .if you want to make website for Cafe ,Hotel ,Bank , Or any type Business then you don’t need to add any new codes in your template . and if you want to make a website for Earning or making money then you must be Add these code which I m showing you .Because you will need user/ visitor and the visitor can only comes from search engine .But if you can’t add the codes then don’t worry .i have design a template complete SEO (search engine optimized) Download it . and extracts it your computer and again open your Dashboard Go > Template > Backup / Upload ‘’ click on the option and click again on Choose file from where .where you extract the file and pick that file‘’New RealMag responsive template.xml’’open it and click on upload.
How To Create A Blog On Blogspot

Now your template is completely SEO friendly. Now when you post .visitor can search your post from search engine .
If you don.t know about SEO then Click here after this tutorial you will well understand.
For getting high traffic from search engine you must be also follow these steps. But if you don’t know about these steps just click on them to know that how you can you add your website with these tools.  if you didn't do that then send us or get help form us we will solve your problem as soon as possible and that is very gladness for us to do your task
Learn How To Build a Website For Free and Add with different tools for taking high traffic from search engine below i m explaining .must add your website with these tools

Some basic tips to make your website international and professional .

But Remember if you want to leave another template on your Blogger /website then you must be add some codes in the Template HTML Code area. I have done all SEO setting in this Template (New RealMag Responsive and seo friendly ) that’s way I recommend you to use this template. As I ask you above if you want to leave you another template send a mail us we will add all codes in your template Free. Don’t worry we will help you.
Note :
How to write SEO Friendly Post Must read it . Before Doing the Posts .Because this tutorial will help you the proper procedure of the SEO Friendly post. Click Here TO Read It.

But also Remember that You can only do the post about which you deeply know about it for example you are a Moto mechanics share all information related with your skill and do some unique post to take user interesting
Click here for the procedure of Writing posts .Please must read before posting .this article will help you the proper search engine Optimization procedure for post .
If you have any question related with our topic how to create a blog on blogspot or about I.T then you can ask. That is very gladness for me because I want to share my knowledge with you guy’s . I will replay as soon as soon as possible. You can contact us with many sources’ you can mail us call us or even you can send a letter.

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