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AdSense Verification Process With AdSense Pin

AdSense Address Verification Process With AdSense Pin Or Alternate Methods

Adsense Verification Process
In this post i will explain Adsense Verification Process  Friends as you know that I have explained mostly about Adsense policy, Adsense Approval Tricks and much more about adsense. But today I am going to show you the simplest procedure to verify your Adsense account. Adsense verification is very must. Because if you didn’t verified your account. Then the Adsense will never send you your commission. This is a simple and short procedure for verifying your account. Now I will discuss this procedure step by step to understand it very well.

Friends when you submit your application to Adsense team. After a weak or more they sent you a mail. I mean’s you are approval or not. But if you are approval then you can start earning with Adsense by leaving ads on your blog or website. For watching your performance you will open you adsense dashboard for result. When you complete up 10 dollar then Adsense team issuing you verification Code by post office. Then you will receive this litter by post office. This litter will consist of some digits. Its mean that is your adsense account verification code. After issuing your verification code litter. The Adsense team will show verification box on your adsense dashboard. When you type the code in the appear page or box. After some time the adsense will mail you. Congrate your verification is complete. (Adsense Verification Process ) mean to verify you address.
Now Adsense team will able to send your payment. Adsense team only wants to know you correct address. That’s way that sends you a litter and code for verification. I mean this small process is only for to know you correct address. This verification for life time. No need to do this process again.
Now the Question is How to Get the Litter to Verified your Adsense Account.

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Follow these Steps For Adsense Verification Process 

  • First of all you need to complete up to 10 dollar threehold.
Adsense Verification Process
  • Then Adsense team will issue releasing your verification code litter on your postal code. Which you given during submitting your application to Adsense. 
  • Remember your Address and postal code must be right. 
  • Then Go to nearest post office and get your litter.
Adsense verification Pin Litter

  • Open it and type the code in adsense dashboard box. This box will automatically appear after completing 10 dollar.
Remember this code is only for 4 months after 4 months this code will expire I mean this code will not working. Verified under 4 months after issuing your verification code litter form Adsense team. 
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