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What are the top 6 most popular search engines?

What are the top 6 most popular search engines?

top 6 most popular search engines

A lot of search engines is available to internet users .Search engines help us to give us the right result .Nowadays search engines in mostly using .That’s way every blogger need to submit his site/blog to search engines. In these generation making it hard to know which ones are the bitter and which one you could focus on traffic generation.These search engines will help you to get high pr Page Rank .If you want to make or earn money online then you must need more page-views .And the search engines is only hope to give you most traffic i mean search engines can give more page views .that ways you need to submit your blog/website .If you don’t that how can you submit your blog to these search engines (specially To Google ) . Then click here i have done another post .this post will completely teach your the simplest procedure to submit your blog to google or other search engines.

Google (

According to Alexa Rank .Google is the # 1 website on the internet for searching .Google is trying to do bitter his network .And google is one the most SEO web on the internet .In this Generation this search engines is mostly using in the world .If you want to get high traffic then you will must submit your website/blog to it.
Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors: 1.6 billion
Alexa Rank: 1

Yahoo! Search (

                                  Yahoo! Search (
This is the first search engine  of the world. This Search engine is also using in the world like Google. This search engine is also keep good rank in Alexa. Yahoo search engine will help you to give Good traffic for your blog / website.

Bing search engine ( .


Being is also well known search engine in the world .This search engines also keep good rank in Alexa.Being can also give you a lot traffic for your blog.Help him to find your blog or submit your blog to this Search engine.
Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors: 450 million
Alexa Rank: 22 search engine(


Ask is also very old search eingise .Every one knows bitter about this search engine .Ask also keep good Rank in alexa .submitt your blog or website to this search engine .This search engise can also give you well pageviews.
Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors: 450 million
Alexa Rank: 19

AOL Search (

                                AOL Search
AOL search engine is also well knowing search engine in the world .Submit also your blog/website to this search engine and get more page-views.
Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors: 300 million
Alexa Rank: 28

Blekko (

This is the new search engines but mostly using .Blekko can also give you the best traffic .submitt your blog to blekko.
Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors: 274 million
Alexa Rank: 30

Last words...!

I have shown you the most popular Search engines to you .Now submit your website and get more traffic and earn more money with out search engines you will never get a lot page-views.
I recommend to submit your blog to Google first...
Thank for reading this post if you need any type help related with your blog then Friends don’t for get us .We will solve your problem as soon as possible.
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