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Stop Copying/Steal Your Photo Using Jquery For Blogger/Blogspot

Stop Copying/Steal Your Photo Using Jquery For Blogger/Blogspot

Stop Copying/Steal Your Photo Using Jquery For BloggerStop Copying/Steal Your Photo Friends today i m going to share with you a very important topic about your content image photos. A lot of people drawing very good and understand able diagram . But some people i mean visitor copy the photo and republish on his blog without give you any credit .You hard-work and drawn diagram and some steal your photo and taking  peak point due to your images .That way i was decided that i will make a script for stop stealing you photo.Now i have carried for you simplest script .Just add this script and stop copying or stealing your photo. This script will tell to search engines to for bad your photo form republishing .

If some one download your photo and he publish your images on his blog . and you add the script then Stealing detection massage will receive the duplicate publisher. the google panda will hit him .That's way i recommend to add this script because this tag/script can give your peak point due to your work and this tag will keep completely Safe your Photos,picture,images,drawing,and type image file like png,gif,jpg...etc

Don't forget to add this tag Jquery For Blogger/Blogspot

But remember this script will only keep safe your photos,images,pictures.
For writable you need to add another Tag

Make your Blogger More Responsive

If you want to add some more stylish and beautiful widget to your blogger to make him more attractive

Procedure of adding tag for steal your photo using jquery for blogger

There are 2 tags (Html codes) which i m going to teach you that how can you add in your blogger template.
Now lets start
First of all
Login in to you blogger Dash board and
GO > Template ''Click"
Click on the ''Edit HTML''


After Clicking on Edit HTML your template code area will open click under code area and
Press Ctrl + F after pressing a small search box will open. 
Then find this Tag </head>
After Finding this ( </head> ) Tag copy the below Code form here and past above / before this <head> tag.and click and save template to save it.
Stop Copying/Steal Your Photo Using Jquery For Blogger
But remember First search the below code in your template because a lot of template designer have add this tag.
If you found this Code in your template then Ignore it don't add this code .If you didn't find this code then add this code as i told upper /above paragraph.
Now Next step
CODE #1 Copy From here
<script src='
/1.7.1/jquery.min.js' type='text/javascript'/>

Now Code # 2 You will be also add this tag .
Now again Find this Tag <head> 
after finding Copy the below Code I mean Code #2 and past upper/before/above this <head> Tag.
and then Save your template.

Stop Copying/Steal Your Photo Using Jquery For Blogger

CODE #2 Copy from here
<script type='text/javascript'>
Things-Guide Stealing Detected" 
style="margin-left: -212px;opacity: 0; position: 
relative; top: 0;" />");

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