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Recent Comment Widget For Website/Blogger

Recent Comment Widget For Website/Blogger

Recent Comment Widget For Website/Blogger

Recent Comment Widget For Website/Blogger will show most recent comment on your blog sidebar .
you can check your fresh comment without opening any post .this widget will tell you the name of commented and show you the comment post .
this widget will also make responsive your blogger .this is CSS code .
The comments will  gather in descending order with the newest comments at the top and the older ones at the bottom.
Now Configure of Recent comment widget for website
Number of comments and total number of comment to show on display i mean to show on side bar.
Date on which the comments has been published - either show or hide it
Posts on which a comment has been made - you can either hide the post titles or display them
Number of words per comment excerpt - the first "n'' words of the comments will be listed.

Now procedure to install Recent Comment Widget For Website/Blogger

First of all open your blogger dashboard
Go >Layout                                  
Click on ''+ Add a Gadget''
Recent Comment Widget For Website/Blogger

A small page will open Now select the Html Java-script click on them
                                              Recent Comment Widget For Website/Blogger

Again a small page will open There you will past the below code .in this page two spaces will be write able one it '' Title '' another is ''Content '' past the code in content Area and the save it .

 Recent Comment Widget For Website/Blogger

then open your Blog .The Recent Comment Widget For Website/Blogger will add.

 <script type="text/javascript">
    var a_rc = 6;
    var m_rc = false;
    var n_rc = true;
    var o_rc = 150;
    function showrecentcomments(e){for(var r=0;r<a_rc;r++){var t,n=e.feed.entry[r];if(r==e.feed.entry.length)break;for(var i=0;i<;i++)if("alternate"[i].rel){[i].href;break}t=t.replace("#","#");var a=t.split("#");a=a[0];var c=a.split("/");c=c[5],c=c.split(".html"),c=c[0];var s=c.replace(/-/g," ");;var o=n.published.$t,l=(o.substring(0,4),o.substring(5,7)),u=o.substring(8,10),m=new Array;if(m[1]="Jan",m[2]="Feb",m[3]="Mar",m[4]="Apr",m[5]="May",m[6]="Jun",m[7]="Jul",m[8]="Aug",m[9]="Sep",m[10]="Oct",m[11]="Nov",m[12]="Dec","content"in n)var d=n.content.$t;else if("summary"in n)var d=n.summary.$t;else var d="";var v=/<\S[^>]*>/g;if(d=d.replace(v,""),document.write('<div class="rcw-comments">'),1==m_rc&&document.write("On "+m[parseInt(l,10)]+" "+u+" "),document.write('<span class="author-rc"><a href="'+t+'">'[0].name.$t+"</a></span> commented"),1==n_rc&&document.write(" on "+s),0==o_rc)document.write("</div>");else if(document.write(": "),d.length<o_rc)document.write("<i>&#8220;"),document.write(d),document.write("&#8221;</i></div>");else{document.write("<i>&#8220;"),d=d.substring(0,o_rc);var w=d.lastIndexOf(" ");d=d.substring(0,w),document.write(d+"&hellip;&#8221;</i></div>"),document.write("")}}}
    </script><script src=></script><div style="font-size: 10px; float: right;">Get this <a href=" ">Recent Comments Widget</a></div>    <style type="text/css">
    .rcw-comments a {text-transform: capitalize;}
    .rcw-comments {border-bottom: 1px dotted;padding: 7px 0;}

After pasting this code in java-script content box Replace your blog/website with and then save it .Open your or refresh your blog and watch your widget will working fine.
Remember :
Must replace your website/blog and don't edit the code .If you edit or remove any symbol then the code will not working.

If you want to do some setting in this widget then you can 

  • if you want to increase or decrease number of comment then replace the ''6'' with your number value from a rc=6value .
  • if you want to add the date on which the comment has been made, change the "false" text from m_rc=false to "true";
  • TO hide the post titles, change the "true" text from n_rc=true to "false";
  • TO show more or less comment characters, change the "150" value from o_rc=150

if you face any problem in this post Recent Comment Widget For Website/Blogger . Then contact us we will do it for you .And it is very gladness for me to do your task

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