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How To Earn Money From YouTube By Uploading Videos ?

How To Earn Money From YouTube By Uploading Videos ?How To Earn Money From YouTube By Uploading Videos
A simplest and shortcut answer is here for How To Earn Money From YouTube By Uploading Videos .YouTube is one of the largest video website on the internet .According to alexa rank YouTube is # 2 largest website in the world. A lot of my friends earn money from YouTube .for Earn money from YouTube no need any qualification .Just upload videos and start making money .In this post I will completely learning you earn Money from YouTube.
But before starting first I will give some hints for videos .Fiends you can upload any type videos Like if you are a singer and you want to upload your own songs then you can upload .if you are a mechanics and you want to share your skill with people then make some videos during working and upload it to YouTube .when viewers starting on your channel .The YouTube will also starting your earning .But for that I am going to teach you working on YouTube for earning.

Basic steps on how you can Monetise and earn from YouTube shared below

Now follow our steps and Earn Money From YouTube.
  1. First of all you need Gmail ID .
  2. Go>>
  3.  Make a channel and select a channel title .
  4.  And verified it 
  5.  After completing this short process starting upload your videos .But remember upload you own videos .Don’t upload any copy videos .You can also upload entertament videos .after uploading your videos.
  6. Do SEO setting in your videos .Like select a SEO title and description .And if you want to add custom thumbnail then click on custom thumbnail and choose from your drive .Now here is the option .this option will starting your income .click on monetization and Enable it and Save it after saving publish your videos . if you videos length is less than 10 min then you cannot show more ads on them .you cannot edit monetization.if your video is equal or greater form 10 min .then you can edit it and click on monetization and past some ads in the videos .I recommend to show only 3 up 4 ads per videos .Remember open monetization and tick every ads to show in your videos. like side ad and skip able ad . 
  7. must keep this option Enable and make ad-sense account and starting earning.
    How To Earn Money From YouTube By Uploading Videos ?

Last words..!

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