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6 Common SEO mistakes Mostly Beginners Make

6 Common SEO mistakes Mostly Beginners Make

6 Common SEO mistakes Mostly Beginners Make.Friends i have watched many blogs which have very good and unique post . But these blogs didn't  come on search engines .I mean the search engines didn't search them.A lot of bloggers brothers did not about SEO . But here i am going to explain you that how can you ready your blogger for search engines. When peoples make blogs .In starting they do some mistakes .Due to Mistake their blogs didn't take any PR i mean page rank . I have read a lot of tutorials for this purpose to explain very well  common SEO mistake In your blogger during beginning .in this post not only i will explain but also i will give you the solution's .A lot of post i have read for this topic .But every blogger expert only explaining the Mistakes .They do not give us any solution's .But In this post i will give all the important hints for your blogger .In this post i will also show to you your SEO mistakes .

Today I am going to tell you your beginning 6 most common SEO mistakes which mostly you makes with your blogs which can protect or keep your blog from ranking which is really deserve you

6 Common SEO mistakes Mostly Beginners Make

Friends these are the  SEO mistake of your blog which i am going to show and explain.But remember i will also give you the solution but in another post .Click on Solution another post will open  . .And you will get Completely Solution.

1. Too Long Titles:(How can you select Title for your Posts )

As you know that title is the head of every paragraph you want to read a book or want to read a blog .You check title first after that if the article or book is related with your topic .Then you starting reading. Except title no one want to read any topic.Because the The title is the moral of the topic .Your all topic is laying in the title .If your title is attract able .Then the people will automatically want to read it .i mean when the title of your article is of your article is bitter and easy in reading then every will want to read .But here i am going to show your mistake .When you choosing title for your post .you choose as title that is no meaning i mean that is not easy and meaningful. Always select as title that is easy and understandable .The search engines only search your character in your title .if the quires related with your topic then the search engines carried it on the result .after that people decide open or not .if your title is understand and easy then people open it mostly.That's way i am telling you select as title which is meaningful understand able.Now make your title SEO Ready.
If your blog post/Article  title contain on more than 70 characters, it will only be shown till 70 characters and the rest will be hidden. Though, Google supports titles up to 70 characters, but I’d recommend to keep it within 65.
1. Too Long Titles:(How can you select Title for your Posts )

2. Not doing Keyword Research Properly:

In this step i will also tell you that where can you use your keyword properly.No matter about what actually what are you writing .if you didn’t search your post keyword firs the you can not rank for it .because if you don’t know who are the competitors i mean the competition on your keyword in low ,medium or high .if the competition of your keyword is high then don’t use it because you will never take any rank on this keyword.Don’t use also medium keyword .Always use Low Keywords because on this you can rank your website in very less time .A lot of keyword tool is using for  keyword suggestion .These tools will show you that how much effort you have to made in order to stand above them in search result.
By searching keyword you can find the variation of the keyword for which you have to ranked and you can also get an idea about the competition for that specific keyword. This can give you an idea of “How much effort have required to take rank for this specific keyword?”
IF you want to find correct and ranked organic keyword for your topic then click here to know how.
I have done another post on this Step (Organic Keyword For SEARCH ENGINES )  open and read it carefully .After reading you can select Proper keyword for you posts.

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3. Not focusing on Keyword Density:

This is very important step for your blog.if you use your keyword density correct in your post then you can also ranked your post .But my newbie blogger brother is using keyword every where in their blogger.They also use keyword more than form 10%.that's way Google is not searching their posts.if you want to rank your website then know that where can you use your keyword in your posts.
The number of times of specific target keywords appears in a blog post divided by the total number of words of the post is called keyword density.
Most of blogger aborted it and make a lot mistakes with keywords density part.Sometimes they stuff the posts with keyword’s and produced keyword stuff posts and some of them do not even use their target keyword a single.The Keyword density is only 2.5% for every search engine.
For Solution Click Here

5. Images without ALT Tag:

Friends the search engines search three place in your posts during searching .
Your Post title
your Description
your Posts Images Alt Tags

if the search engines found quires any one of them the search engines take it on the result .that way i have told you about post title ,post description .But now Alt tag for image . New blogger don't know the value of alt tag .Friends that is also very important for SEO.
That is the largest /biggest mistake made by 99 % of newbie bloggers and if you are repeating this mistake then you are loosing your traffic .
Adding images/Photos is very good for readers in posts. But how the search engines understand what you have to used in image format ?.The answer is alt Tag.This Tag will show your images TO search engines and also easy to crawler for indexing.I recommend use always Alt Tag because this tag is playing main role in your posts during searching.

4. Underestimating the Power of Meta Description:

Now another important step of your post is description .Most of my newbie blogger brother don't know the value of description.New blogger don't know the density of description .That how many character can be used in their blog or post description.Meta description is an important Meta tag after the title and plays a main role in ranking of a blogger. Meta keyword is now not working now day's because the search engine now direct search the title of the post.. Meta description actually define as
Your post content that what is actually it is .that is the description shown below your blog post’s title in search results.
Mostly beginners ignore it and just stuff this part with lot of keyword. To ensure maximum ranking in search engine, your meta-description should be of correct length and correctly optimized.
According to search engines only use 150 character in your description .If you use more than 150 or less than 150 then your blog is difficult to ranked.
Always keep of the length of description only 150 Charters 
if the below tag is not install in your blog .Then Add this tag Because this tag will show your description to search engines.
Find <head> tag in your blogger template and past the tag below/after them.
<b:if cond='data:blog.metaDescription'>
      <meta expr:content='data:blog.metaDescription' itemprop='description'/>
   Underestimating the Power of Meta Description:

Last words...!

Thank for reading this post if you need any type help related with your blog then Friends don’t for get us .We will solve your problem as soon as possible.
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