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Hints and Tips For Starting A Blog /Blog For Beginners Guide

Hints and Tips For Starting A Blog /Blog For Beginners Guide

Hints and Tips For Starting A Blog /Blog For Beginners Guide

In this post i am going to give you complete Blog For Beginners Guide .Friends as you know that i have done a lot post on seo .But to day i am going to teach you the basic tips hints and tricks for a bloggers .if you want to become a successful blogger you will must read this post carefully .because in this post i will explain all steps of blogger . I will also teach SEO tips and Designing of blogger.
A lot of friends makes blogs.but they don't know what is the real procedure of blogging .For example if a boy/girl want to make a blog . obviously  they will make the blog for some purpose . like if you want to make money on blog and you also did some post .But the people are not visiting your site.if you are worrying about that then don't worry because you make a blog but you don't know that how can you get the traffic i mean visitor . And you Don't about SEO .First make your blogger theme responsive and did some SEO setting in your blogger.And help Google and other search engines to find your blog .After that the people will start automatically on your website.In this post i will also show the simplest procedure of promoting your blog free.
Now here is some steps. Which will you pass it for become a successful blogger .
i m showing these steps one by one and i will also explain these steps and showing you the tricks for every step.Just follow .
The First one is ..!

Tips Choose Perfect Domain Name For your Blogger. 

Friends as i told you in my previous post .that you can you select a perfect Blogger domain in How to make a Free blog post. But i will give some important hints to select most search able blogger domain name.If you have a skill from which you want to make a blog like you are Moto machines and you want to make a blog on moto machines .Then your blogger domain will something like that
FIRST try to find that one if this is not available then try another one but remember your blogger domain name will always related with your topic or post. And the Select your Blogger title.

Tips Perfect and Related Title for Your Blogger .

Now as i told you upper in choosing blogger domain name .Always choose related Title with your blog .if you want to make a blog on your skill or education choose with your skill title like if you are a civil technology student . Select Civil Engineer or Civil technology etc.This is very essential part of your website . the search engines searching your title first during searching. But remember Write your title only 4 words ( ) .because most of search engines did not search maximum word form 4.

Write a short Description for Your Blogger 

this is also very must part of your of your blog .if you want to make a blog on any type skill or another thing you must add your description .your description will must related with your blog.After title the search engines also search the keyword in description during searching. But also remember that your description will be only 150 words .Don't use more than 150 words .Most of search engines search only less or 150 words.

Selecting Responsive Template for your blogger

Now you complete three steps for your blogger this is the most important step for your blogger .This is elevation of your website . If you selected responsive template and attract able .From my website you can download most responsive template free for download click only on Responsive template Lable or click here.Template is very important for SEO .if you choose Most SEO Friendly and Responsive template .then The search will easily find your blogger .and if you choose Load and unresponsive template then the search engines will not searching your blog during searching .Because the search engines only search speed up blogs.

SEO Setting in Your blogger

As i told you many time in my lastest posts .SEO is very important for every type blog .SEO is stand for search engine optimized .When a blogger start blogging .He must know about SEO .Because if you did SEO setting in your blog.Then the search engines can easily find blogger.and when then search engines searching for quire's .they will also search in you blogger if the keyword found they will carried it on first page .that’s way i have done alot of post on seo .But you don’t know about SEO then you click here to know very well about SEO.
Here is some steps for SEO setting .you all do these setting in your blogger template .Frinds i have explain one by one and also tell procedure to doing these changes in blogger.i have write click here infornt of all steps just click on clicks here .A new page will open read it care fully.Follow it as i told you in the post.I have done all posts in very easy language .if you can’t do that .Then don’t worrey contact us we will do for you .No need to worrey i will help you for getting fluent(contunusly) traffic form search enignes. Frinds before following these steps please choose a responsive and SEO frindly template .Click here for choosing...

These are the steps if you follow correctly .Soon the people will start searching your blog and you can get fluent traffic from search engines.

As i told in above topic that i have done all the post just click on click here a separate post will open and you will better understand .if you face any problem then please contact us or comment us we will replay as soon as soon is possible.Thank you
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  2. In this post I will give you complete Blog For Beginners Guide .Friends as you realize that I have done a great deal post on search engine optimization .But to day I will show you the essential tips clues and deceives for a bloggers .to turn into an effective blogger you will should peruse this post cautiously .

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