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All In One SEO Pack 2017 Updated for Blogger-Blogspot

All In One SEO Pack 2017 Updated for Blogger-Blogspot

All In One SEO Pack 2017 Updated for Blogger-Blogspot

Friends every blogger want to get high traffic source form search engine .For Getting high traffic you must do some steps in your blogger dashboard. If you done it then .Search engines can easily find your blog Also will search your blog during searching for result .Newbie blogger don’t about SEO .They must know about seo .IF you better know about SEO. Then you will also know that SEO is very important for every blogger. Now in this post i am going to give some tips to do setting your blogger dashboard .If you well do our steps then soon you will get a lot traffic source form search engines .But remember this setting is very must .these steps are not any hints or suggestion this is same for every blog. You will must do these setting your blog. IF you cannot do these setting then don’t think about traffic form search engines.

Ok friends don’t need any worry i will teach you that how can you ready your dash board setting for SEO? .As you know that i have done a lot of posts on SEO .
  • Ready your posts for SEO
  • Finding SEO keywords 
  • Ready your Heading For SEO
  • Show your Title Search engines
  • Help Google to find your blog .
  • Help people To find your Blog .Etc....
Now Setting in blogger dashboard for SEO is also important if you write unique and seo ready posts and you don’t do these setting in your blogger dashboard then your posts is not enough for SEO.
These setting will first check search engines and after that they will search your posts. So it mean it’s very important for SEO.
Now Follow these steps to Do SEO Setting in your blogger dashboard .
Friends i will teach you doing these setting with help of Screen Shoot .
First of all Login your blogger dashboard

Now first select first Basic 

  • Title =This will be your Blogger Title
  • Description = This will be your blogger description .
  • Privacy = Show your blogger to search engines.
    Now first select first Basic

Post,Comments and sharing

Post,Comments and sharing

Search Preference 

To improve your blog SEO, please enable Blogger Search Preferences. Access your Settings menu, choose Search preferences tab and click Edit link on Meta tags section
Author Description
Author image and description automatically fetch from Google + account. You just need to add info in you Google+ account. And activate author information option from blogger settings
From here you can Submit your blog to Google.
Add Robot.txt File to your blog.
Search Preference

And Tick these option for Telling SEO to index every page and posts .
and don;t index achives and labels by tick which i show you in the photobelow.

Tick these option

Must to these setting in your blogger dashboard.

You Might Also Follow These Steps To Make Your Blogger More SEO Friendly.

Thank you for following us if you face any problem in this post All In One SEO Pack 2017 Updated for Blogger-Blogspot or another problem related with blogger .Then Contact us or comment us .We will solve your problem as soon as soon is possible. this is satisfied Website .From here you can get all hints tips and tricks for your blogger.
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