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Top Secret For Choosing Keywords For Seo

Today i am writing about the Keywords For Seo as you know that last time i published a post about the Keywords in SEO  some of my website viewers comment about to make a guide about Places in Posts Keywords For Seo. So i make a simple and easy post about in which i explain you all about Top Secret For Choosing Keywords For Seo .

Top Secret For Choosing Keywords For SEO .

Today i m going to tell you some top secret how to choose your keyword .Google search engine searching only on those post which have unique content well keywords and one more thing the keywords using in rightly place.As i told you in the last Post .Top ten place for using you
Choosing Keywords For Seo
keyword.now our topic the to choose the well and unique keyword for seo .Now i m going to show a simple procedure to find Good keyword for seo .The Google have launch a smart and 100 % trust able keyword planner
Now it is the part for the beginners for guiding for search engine Optimization series written for human’s not for robot’s .today’s topic is to choose the Right SEO Keywords.
Before you posting your post you need to decide on which keyword you want to concentrate I mean to focus on .there are terms people could search to find you post.
But here is some important tips to choose the right keyword for seo is about a laser focus first choose you term before posting or writing is needed

Before Choosing keyword for SEO Follow These steps .

Don’t be too specific/too broad
It is very important the choose some unique key word to search the people for it I mean write some unique content
For example if you writing on making money online, making money online is very simple topic .Making money online is very easy .Don’t use like that.

Focus on what you are already writing about
Another step for choosing the correct keywords for seo .Focus on your post what actually you are writing on .Writing some related topic don’t explain very shortly explain your topic very deeply .But focus on your keyword I mean all writing must be related with your keywords. But to come in on top it will take some time . As I told you use your keywords in headings title, description and permalink. And little expanding in it but don’t write every where

Do keyword research
But first search your keyword in Google search engine .you will find your keyword competition if you found your keyword on first page of Google then change you keyword like if you want to write about ‘’how to make a website ‘and you find it on first page then change you keyword like that how to build a free website ‘’ Now this will be a perfect keyword for your post .But when you start typing the Google will fill you search also you can select your keyword there .when you find there then Check out your keyword in Google tools like the ad words this tool will tell you bid rate ,competition and search result like give below.
Choosing Keywords For Seo

Write, already
As i told you upper to search it first to know about what are you writing .you must search in google about your article .if you found bitter post form your post then Chang your keyword as i told you if your key word is '' how to make a website '' if you found this keyword many time in front page then Change your keyword like that ''Learn how to build a website '' topic is same but the title are different .
 Keywords For Seo.

After finding compatible keyword search again it in Google Keyword Planner .Like given below
Choosing Keywords For Seo

Choosing Keywords For Seo

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Thank you for watching this post Keyword for seo .if you face any type problem then contact us or comment us .we will replay as soon as soon is possible.
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