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Basic SEO Settings For Website / Blog

SEO Settings in this post i m going to show you the simplest procedure of seo setting for website if you want to drive traffic from search engine then you must follow our step to make your blog seo friendly .After that the Google will add your website in his database .

Basic SEO Settings For Website

Today I m going to teach you that how can you make your blog complete seo (SEO Settings) .If you want to get visitor form search engine then you will have to make your blog seo friendly .if you didn’t make your blog seo friendly then you can never get any visitor/user form search engine . The search engine could not find your blog until you didn’t help them. You will have to help the Google to find your blog .How can you help them . I m going to show you in this post with help of screen shoot I will also make a video for this tutorial to understand you bitter.

When you create a blog .after that make it Ready for seo friendly to get high traffic from search engine. First of all Do some unique post and make your Post complete seo if you don’t know that how can you make your posts SEO ready then click here to know.

After that do some change in your blogger setting which I am going to show you .

Follow these steps to do Basic SEO Settings For Website

Follow these steps:-If you don’t know about these tools then click on (click here)
first of all Login in to your blogger dashboard then Go > Setting > Search preference
a new page will open like give below select Edit or here click on Edit below front of Google search console

Google Search Console Edit

after Edit a new Link will open like given below select
Add Property

again a small page will open here you will type your Website for example
and press Green Buttion which is ''Add"'

after adding you website a page will open and the Google will give some option for verification your website or blog you can watch different verifying procedure but you will select

HTML TagAdd a meta tag to your website homepage copy the Tag from here

and Go To your Blogger Dashboard Go > To Template >Edit Html
Now your Template Html open click in code are and press '' Ctrl + F '' from your key a litter search will open your template code area . type or copy this Tag.
paste it in search box and search it when you find then find Meta Tag (which you have copy from webmaster tool ) and Press '' Save Template ''

Now Go to Webmaster tool and click on '' Verify '' now your site is Verify with Google webmaster tool .This massage will appear on your screen click on
Continue.To Google Webmaster Submit URL

Now Make a sitemap for you website or blog to add your data Google in his data base.
if you don.t know that How to Submit your website or blog Sitemap then Click here.

Don.t worry i will teach

Note :
With out verifying and Sitemap submitting the search engine will never search your website or Blog .

  • Then make a sitemap for your blog in Webmaster Tool (Google search console) (click here)

Now I m going you some steps to add your website or blogger sitemap
Step number 1
Verify your website with webmaster tool if you don’t know about to adding your website with Google webmaster tools then Click here.
Step no 2
After verifying your website Go to Crawl option in your dashboard Click a drop menu will open click on Sitemap and add the code here which is given below in the photo .
Paste one code of them in the sitemap .
your sitemap will like =
But remember :
This site map is only for five hundred post for more post add another sitemap .Procedure is same.


Below is the complete process you have to follow in terms to submit your blogspot blog sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools.

now you Submit Blogger Site map To Google webmaster tools and starting indexing .
This tutorial is divided into two parts.
One is for submitting sitemap for blog posts (articles) and another one for submitting sitemap for static pages like contact us, about us, privacy policy etc. for reading this post Click here.
Over to You
This was the step by step Toturail on how to add Blogger sitemap to Google search Console.
Now, it is your time to try this guidness and let us know that that was helpful for you or not.
Also we provide that information sitemap Google Search affected on your blog or website
Please share your views with me on the effects of adding the sitemap and let me know in the comments if you need any help in submitting your blog sitemap.
  • Add Robot.txt file in your blog (click here)That is Robot.text File which is given Below .Copy this Tag from here but remember add your website in this tag .

http://bloggertipssandtricks.blogspot.com/ Replace your website

you can copy this tag from here 

User-agent: Mediapartners-Google
User-agent: *
Disallow: /search
Allow: /

End of the tag

  • Go to Setting and tick these options that is also play important role in SEO .

Add Meta description tag in your blog .

Add Meta tags in your blog templates to know click below
Then add these meta tags in your blog templates .
one more thing always select Most SEO friendly (SEO Settings) and responsive template for your blog. form here you can get most perfect templates for your blog.

you must follow these steps if you can't do that then contact us we will do it for you .
Select SEO friendly Templates 

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Thank you for watching this post SEO Settings . if you face any problem looking in your website then contact us or comment .this will gladness for us to give you your question answer bookmark us and share this blog with your friends.

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