Monday 12 December 2016

How to Find Organic Keywords Google

Google keywords Friends In this post i m going to show you complete procedure of to Find organic Keywords Google With screen shoot .Last time i publish a post that how can you submit a sitemap to Google search Engine.

How to Find Organic Keywords Google .

Do you want to flood your site with organic traffic?

OK Friends the secret is to getting targeted organic traffic is using LSI keywords and long tail keywords for your content.
I have written precise Tutorials on finding the profit-able long tail keywords google and LSI keywords boths. Make sure you read this article before posting in your blog.
Key word is the most important part of your article or post if you want to make your searches in Google search engine then you must have a unique and organic keyword .To get these keyword google launches a keyword planner I mean Google keyword planner it is the part of Google adword .here is a few simple tips to get organic keyword for your post. Follow our step .Today I m going to show the best tool to perform keyword research and find out ones that will brought you Load of search Engine traffic.
Keywords Google

There are many tools they can help you to get you the right keyword they have buyer intentent and decent search per months .In this Tutorial I will introduce some of the best organic keyword research tools that help you increase your search traffic .
As I told you that there is a lot of keyword tools .But they are not working properly .if you want to get most and 100 % perfect keyword then use  this keyword tools which I m going to Explaining you.

But before that I m going to 

what type keywords Google you can select .

  • Select related keyword with your Post .
  • Select Low competition keyword because you can’t get any traffic from High or Medium keyword your website can go to peak point. Due to Low competition keyword.
  • Select high bid-rate keyword
  • And use it some proper place in your post To know that How Click Here.

Now How can you Find Keywords Google Planner as I told you keyword planner ( GKP )

Is the part of Google adword Visit ‘’’’ this site and create an account it very simple First fill the Form I mean type you name your website and click on create account but remember for Google adwords you must have Gmail ID , Login with your Google or Gmail ID .Homepage will open select Tools form menu and selects keyword planner from drop down menu of the tool like given below in the photo .

After clicking Keywords Google planner another page will open now here you can search you key word click on ‘’ search for new keywords using a phase, website or category’’ a small search box will open now type your keyword here and click on ‘’Keyword filter ‘’ because this option is helping to  find Low competition keyword .Always select  Low competition keyword for hold search engine traffic way. Because if you select high keyword then you will never find any search form search engine.That’s way I m telling you again and again to select Low competition keyword.

Keywords Google

Keywords Google

Keywords Google

I Recommend you to use this tools for getting organic keyword .Because I am also using that tool .

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Thank you for watching our post keywords google . if you face any type problem related with Blogger then contact us or comment us we will replay as soon as soon is possible and this is very gladness for me to solve your problem .  

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