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How To Write Seo Friendly Blog Posts

Writing For SeoToday i am writing about the How To Write Seo Friendly Blog Posts . you know that last time i published a post about the SEO TIPS AND TRICKS some of my website viewers comment about to make a guide about How To Write Seo Friendly Blog Posts . So i make a simple and easy post about in which i explain you all about  Seo Friendly Blog Posts

How To Write Seo Friendly Blog Posts ?

I m going to tell some basic and important tips about SEO.SEO mean search engine optimize. SEO for every blog is very must if you don’t know about SEO then you cannot create a perfect and successful blog. You must be known about SEO before Creating Blog .Because if you want to make money online from your blog. You need visitor or user .And the user will come from search engine. Only those people can visit your website who know about your link or remember .due to not doining SEO and if you want to increase your traffic and from search engine .Then you must Follow these steps.

How Search Engine works on Seo Friendly Blog Posts.

SEO is stand for Search Engine Optimize) . When a user is opening the search engine like then he typing his topic like how to ‘’Make Money online’’ and he pressing enter. After that the search engine is searching to give his quires result. Before giving result along process doing the search engine.
After pressing Enter they finding the quarries in different pages and trying to find that topic in Heading after that search engine also searching in meta tags ,your description ,your post title and under the post . and when search engine find the right SEO I mean when search engine find the key word in your Description , Meta tags, your post title, your post heading ( h1) and udder the post . Then search engine show your article on first page. This all process happening in very less time .because this all process is doing the search engine ‘’ robot ’’
how to write seo friendly blog posts

Ok let’s start How To Write Seo Friendly Blog Posts ?

First of all write unique content like no one write on it firs search it on . if your content is not presence in the search engine then you can write or making a post .first select a SEO key words for your post .here is a lot to Online tools but mostly using tools is
Google Ad words  you can pick your right keyword from that tools .first Visit this site and Sig up with Google key words . After that your Ad words dash board will open Go>Tool Click >Keyword planner click.
That page will open .Now you can search you Key word .Like if you want to Make post on ‘’ What is Total station’’ then type you keyword in ‘’search for new key work phrase , website or category ‘’
And press ‘Get ideas’’ The Ad words will give some searching key related with your topic like Giving below.
how to write seo friendly blog posts
Copy your keyword and past it in your heading and start typing your post .
But Remember your post words minimum 400 words and using maximum 3 % your key words its means you can use the words in 400 words only 4 time .Don’t use the keyword everywhere in your post only use your key words in these places
Only Here you can use your Key words

  • After first 50 words but Bold
  • Use the key words in Heading
  • Use your key words one time in your description.
  • Also use the key words in Sub Heading
  • And Minor Heading
  • And Last 50 Words but in italic.
  • Under the post 2 or 3 times.
  • Use some Image related with your topic and Adding Alt tag in you images. And paste some links from your Blog .
  • use you keyword in permalink beacuse the permalink is also play important role in SEO .the search engine is searching first on permalink .
Like Your Key word is '' What is Total Station''
you will give the permalink like that .'' what-total-station.html '' Don't use stop words like a,an,to,the etc in your pemalink
Only Here you can use your Key words

adding alt tag

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Thank you for watching this post How To Write Seo Friendly Blog Posts  if you face any problem related with blogger then contact us or comment us .It is very gladness for us to give the right answer.

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