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How To Write a Good Blog

How To write blogs Today i am writing about the How To Write a Good Blog  . you know that last time i published a post about the SEO TIPS AND TRICKS some of my website viewers comment about to make a guide about How To Write a Good Blog  . So i make a simple and easy post about in which i explain you all about How To write blogs.

How To Write a Good Blog ?

Writing Good blog is very essential for to getting high traffic from search engine. if your blog have some unique content .Then the visitor or user will visit mostly . Write blog on those which about you deeply know I mean if you are Civil Engineering student. Then write only about civil engineering. First make your Blog template attractive and you must be have good topic .

How To Write a Good Blog

Some basic and important tips in How to write a good Blog 

  • The most important thing is the blog posting Structured
  • A good structured blogger post will hold the visitor attentions and make them want to reads what you post .you may help doing this if you follow my tips.
  • Give the blogger post a unique title because your title is mostly playing important role your post title will hold the reader eyes .this is the important thing .visitor watch and help them to decide if it’s interest to them. In writing in English you will only need to type the title of the post in the Title area. You don’t need to add the title to the main body
  • Write the main point of your article in first paragraph. that is the first thing visitor see and it will make them want to read more
  • Put your post detail in the following paragraphs
  • One more this write your blog post friendly and informational style.
  • When you writing your post try to share most important and easy information.
  • For example if you want to make a post on ‘’What is computer ‘’ write some basic and easy information about computer and do the definition in the first topic . and make a simple and SEO ready post .
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Thing to Avoids in How to write a good blog

Always trying to abort being negative. If there is something you do not like, then it is best just to do not write about it.
It is mostly important to raising issues, but do not trying to impose your believes on other.
Do not includes Urls/Links to professional /commercial websites .
Do not includes Links or Urls to inappropriate materials.
Never gave specific address contact details places or other information.
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