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How To Submit Blog To Google Search Engine

Google Webmaster Submit URL In this tutorial i will complete teach you the procedure how to submit blog to Google search engine. if you have not submit your blog to google then you can never get any traffic from Google search engine. here i m going to show you the procedure to submit you website to google . Search will never give you any traffic until you submit your site . Help the Google to find your site .OK lets starts

How To Submit Blog To Google Search Engine 

If you have start you blogger career. You could no know that how the search engine is working and how to display your website in the Google search result for coming traffic to your blogger. You can Submit or show your Blogger website in Google search engine for Free if you may help the Google to find your website.

For doing that you must know about Google Web mater tooled (also called Google search Console)
Google webmaster is a free tool offer by Google which is helping you to show your website in Google search engine results (Crawl your blogger or website or index)
This tool can also help you to improve crawl rate of your website or blog.
To add your website with this tool you must to do a few things. Which I m going to explain you.
First of all you will have to verify your website with this tool I mean with Google search Console.
Submit Blog To Google Search Engine
To verify your website i m showing you easy procedure
OK let's start

Procedure of Submit Blog To Google 

first of all Login in to your blogger dashboard then Go > Setting > Search  preference
a new page will open like give below select Edit or here click on Edit below front of Google search console
Submit Blog To Google

after Edit a new Link will open like given below select
Add Property 
Submit Blog To Google
again a small page will open here you will type your Website for example
and press Green Buttion which is ''Add"'
Submit Blog To Google
after adding you website a page will open and the Google will give some option for verification your website or blog you can watch different verifying procedure but you will select

Add a meta tag to your website homepage copy the Tag from here
Submit Blog To Google

and Go To your Blogger Dashboard Go > To Template >Edit Html 
Now your Template Html open click in code are and press '' Ctrl + F '' from your key a litter search will open your template code area . type or copy this Tag.
paste it in search box and search it when you find then find Meta Tag (which you have copy from webmaster tool ) and Press '' Save Template ''
Submit Blog To Google

Now Go to Webmaster tool and click on ''  Verify   '' now your site is Verify with Google webmaster tool .This massage will apear on your screen click on

 Continue.To Submit Blog To Google and make site map  

Submit Blog To Google
Submit Blog To Google
Note :
With out verifying and Sitemap submitting the search engine will never search your website or Blog .

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If you thinks that is very long process( Submit Blog To Google   ) then  Don.t worry send us your website we will submit for you Just Go to our Help centeand take help form us .it is very gladness for us to solve your problem or help us .you can contact also through many source. 
Is this Tutorial is Helpful then comment us .Thank you 

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  1. Sir
    Search console is not submitting my blogger post address because it is html address whereas search console asking for xml . how can i submit