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How to Get Long Tail Keywords Using Google Search Engine For Bitter SEO

How to Get Long Tail Keywords Using Google Search Engine For Bitter SEO

Friends today I m going to show you the best trick to choose correct Long tail keywords for better SEO and Holding peak position in Search Engine. SEO Expert’s suggest you to focus on page SEO Some are suggest focusing on Off page SEO while some expert suggest you to focus on social media .But one of the main point that everyone will suggesting you to working on Rand a post. That is the topic I mean that is Long tail Keywords. Long Tail is very important for ranking a blogger /website or even a post. Because if you are focus to target a short keyword like ‘’ SEO ‘’ if you think that you will get any traffic or rank then you all totally wrong. But if you make a long tail keywords with high quality content then you can get rank but not only rank but also you can get more visitors from search engine.
Here is very good chance that you can get penalize by Google Penalties. Since Google penalties are based on spam remove your content I mean your post or site or blogger ranking .it is totally depend on quality of keywords that Google penalties and keywords are closely Linked I mean connected.

Trick To Search A Long Tail Keywords to Get High Traffic.

As I told you upper in the text that Long Tail is very must for ranking now I m going to show the simplest trick to get Long Tail keywords .

Getting Long Tail Targeted Keywords Using Google Search Engine:

Now first you have already a blog or site .you will know about the post for what you want to get Keyword. Think if you have a blog on Mobile apps Posts then you will search for keyword like that ‘’ Free Android Security apps Android updated software, Android Locks etc…

Now I m going to show you that how you pick the right and SEO Long Tail Keywords for your targeted Keywords
First of all open Google search engine .and type your keyword as I m typing Android Security the Search engine will show me the different Long Tail keywords to me select any one of them and use it in your Blog post Title. But select only them which is not available in the search engine .If your keyword available many time in first page then you can change your keyword if you want to change your keyword then you will Do bitter SEO in your post .To know How Click Here.
How to Get Long Tail Keywords Using Google Search Engine For Bitter SEO

Another Example to Get long tail keywords from search engine if your targeted key word is unlock your android '' then type your keyword the search engine will give different suggestion for choosing your long tail keywords .but as i told you upper to select that keyword which keyword is not available in the first page of Google .if you select touch competition keyword then you will make most SEO Post if you don't know how then Click here To know that how can you make you blog post most SEO Friendly.

If you can also pick your long tail form Related post
How to Get Long Tail Keywords Using Google Search Engine For Bitter SEO

When you typing the Google Search engine will give you different suggestion .IF you want to know your keyword competition then search it on Keyword planner .
But before doing all of that
Read this Post How can you Choose your keywords for your blog post . In this post i m showing to you the top secret to choose SEO Friendly Keywords.

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