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How To Blog Design

How to Blog Design OK let's start Friends Today i am writing about that How to design a blog as you know that last time i published a post about the How To Build/Create a Free Website, some of my website viewers comment about to make a guide about How To Blog Design  . So i make a simple and easy post about in which i explain you all about How To Blog Design  .

How To Blog Design on Blogger widget

Friends today i m going to teach you how to design a blog or how to blog design .After following this tutorials you can make your blog most attractive and responsive .But before following you need a or Upload Responsive ,or SEO Friendly Template to your blog.If you are not able to find then don't worry we will help you Go to our homepage to pick a attractive and Responsive Blog template .Upload it . and follow this tutorial .First of all if you want to add different widget to your blogger such as Facebook like box  Recent Post widget Popular Post Widget Feature Post Widget and Contact Form .
How To Blog Design
Must add it because these widget are also play main role making most attractive and responsive .
i will show these designing with the help of Screen Shoot . first of all
Login to Blogger dash board
First of all Add some widget for making your blog easy using for user. Follow these steps
Go >> Layout > Now a page will open in front of you like give below .
 Add a widget this Page will open select
"Popular post '' and save it
if you want to add more widget like Recent post click here for different style Recent post widget.

How To Blog Design

then again click on Add a widget '' again a page will open select Feature post from it and save it .

then Add another widget of Google plus Follower because this widget will help to increase your follower .this widget will get more user .that's way that is also important .
if you want to send your user to feed back to you then add a contact form

>>Add a widget >click on More widget >click on Contact form and save it .Now your form will save now the people can send you feed back .But these feed back can receive you only on gmail inbox.
Now another Add widget is also important for you blogger that is called Facebook like-box widget.
How To Blog Design

for Adding Facebook widget click here you can get different style Facebook like box form here also the simple procedure to install Facebook like-box to your blogger.

Now How to Blog Design With the help of Screen shoot .

How To Blog Design

How To Blog Design

How To Blog Design

How To Blog Design

in another Tutorial i will teach the procedure that how you Edit the blogger template i mean how can you change his color wrappers fonts style and size and many more just wait i will post soon .

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Friends in this post i m only adding widget to your blog .In nest tutorial i will explain completely Edit Template and changing colors and font style and size .if you face any problem related with How to blog design then contact us or go to our help center


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