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How To Add Simple Contact Form To Blogger

Contact form procedure Today i am writing about  Add Simple Contact Form as you know that last time i published a post about the  Add contact form ( contact page ) in blogger . some of my website viewers comment about to make a guide about  Add Simple Contact Form  . So i make a simple and easy post about in which i explain you all about How To Add Simple Contact Form

How To Add Simple Contact Form 

In this tutorial i will simply showing that how can you Add Simple Contact Form or send us feed back form to your blogger.
How To Add Simple Contact Form
But first i m going to tell some important properties about Add Simple Contact Form  . Contact form is very important widget for your blogger . Because if you want to stay touch the people i mean the user/visitor with you then Must add it .advantage of the widget is that .that user can send you his problem for salutation . contact form widget is mostly using in Help bloggers if you want to help the people related with profession or qualification then add it the people will ask the question and you can solve his question .But one more important thing you can make money .For example if you make a website about Writing assignment for student .The student will send his assignment with help of this form no one can see these massage .These massage will send to you Gmail inbox.
Add Simple Contact Form
you can check these massage in your inbox >>social  option the blogger will send this massage.

But Remember
If you want make contact form page you can make it but that is seprate procedre we have som tags for add to your template for adding contact form page  Click here

Now Procedure Add Simple Contact Form

First Login to your blogger dash board
Then Go >> Layout >> +Add a widget
A page will open Select Form and save it ''
How To Add Simple Contact Form

How To Add Simple Contact Form

How To Add Simple Contact Form

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Thank you for reading this post Add Simple Contact Form  if you face any type problem then contact us or comment us we will replay as soon as soon is possible . if you want to make contact form page then click here.

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