Wednesday 21 December 2016

How To Create Your Own Favicon For Blogger

How To Create Favicon For Blogger
Create Favicon For Blogger

Today i am writing about How To Create Favicon For Blogger as you know that last time i published a post about How To Add Contact Form (Contact Page) in Blogger. some of my website viewers comment about to make a guide about To Create Favicon For Blogger . So i make a simple and easy post about in which i explain you all about Favicon For Blogger.
Now i m going to teach you that how can you add favicon to your website or blog .that is very must thing .favicon will show your Logo upper in the tap . if you want to know the visitor your website or blog on mono gram .then you must need to add . Now you don't know that how to add .Don't worry i will teach you . First of all make a favicon or Logo .If you haven't .Then follow our steps But remember always make square type Logo or Favicon .If you make rectangle type logo that will not working .
Go to Image size and keep it same Like given below
Favicon For Blogger

Now How to upload favicon for blogger

Now add you Logo in this type of file what you make . and upload as i m going to showing you .
First of all 
Open your Blogger Dash Board and Go > Layout and Edit Favicon and Upload your Logo What you create on Photoshop or other program....
Favicon For Blogger

If you can not make your own then select any one of them dowload it right click on the favicon and save the image the will save in to your drive then upload it as i given above in photo.
Favicon For Blogger

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Thank you for following our tutorial  Create Favicon For Blogger if you face any problem then contact us we will replay as soon as soon is possible .
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